Hi! I’m Kamal, and welcome to The Traditional Cooking. I completed Electronics Engineering Degree from Utkal University in 2002 and then in the same year I went ahead to pursue my career in Software Engineering, I have been in this industry for 18 years now and realized that I need to do something different what else I can think off ? Yes “Cooking”. My recipes are healthy, affordable, approachable and I can’t wait to share them all with you..

I am a yearning, sure, eager, benevolent, legitimate and sorted out individual. My qualities are continually saying ‘yes’ and making a special effort to help, having an efficient existence, a decent organizer, constructing family cohesiveness and limitless tolerance. My shortcomings are lamentably my powerlessness to state ‘no’, needing everything to be completely great and becoming really excited by individuals.

Cooking has consistently been my obsession and I generally felt that cooking was a shrouded ability in me.

Everything began when I was in school I began going through hours in the kitchen with my mom, making a wreck yet learning tasty customary South Indian recipes, using authentic, seasonal, fresh ingredients and planning everything without any preparation.
I love my kitchen a great deal, I like to try different things with various tastes and surfaces. In any case, I attempt to stay devoted to the credible Indian customs, flavors, and fixings.

For me food isn’t just sustaining yet in addition consoling, cherishing, fun, pleasurable, invigorating and prosperity. Cooking, eating well food and remaining dynamic have consistently been my deep rooted energy and – in reality – lifestyle. My food is straightforward, delicious and nutritious.

I imagine that blogging would be my full time career some time down the line.

I trust this blog will give you a kind of the valid and solid Indian way of life, through conventional cooking.